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Open Squish Bug Round 2 starts now, and this time I have two designs in it - Mexican Redknee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) and Rainbow Jumping Spider (Maratus robinsoni)! As both a spider lover and collector of stuffed animals, I know that cute, realistic spider plush are super hard to find. I made sure that my designs are not “creepy crawlies”, or generic Halloween decorations, but celebrations of these amazing arachnids! If you would like either of these fuzzy bugs to be made, please vote 5! They need at least an average score of 3.9 by the time the round ends to be considered for production.

Sadly, my luna moth didn’t make it in the first round, but if one or more of my designs win it’ll be super helpful not only for my portfolio as an artist, but also in possibly being able to pay for dyscalculia testing which my insurance doesn’t cover. Not to mention ENORMOUS HUGGABLE SPIDERS FOR EVERYONE! You know you want to play with a Squishable tarantula’s floppy legs. You know you want to mash your face into a Squishable jumper’s fuzzy abdomen.

(photo credits in the captions~)

Hey guys these could use a boost, the jumping spider’s score has been teetering back and forth across the “might be produced” line with just a few days to go!

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